• Oculto - Zero Gloss Oil

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  • Description

    Water based impregnation oil for parquet and wooden furniture. Only for interior use. Particularly suitable for interiors where a natural finish is needed such as parquet, veneer and other wooden objects. OCULTO is also an Anti-slip finish and with the addition of UV inhibitors, it prevents the wood from yellowing.  

    Preparation Surface:

    Solid wood, engineered wood. Sand the surface with grain 100-150 and afterwards remove sanding dust. 

    User Tips:

    Use Oculto as a sealer and topcoat and to apply in 3 layers.  Mix or stir the product well before use and don’t dilute it. Application is done by a brush or roller. Apply the layers wet in wet to avoid overlapping. When the first layer is dry, apply the second layer as the first layer. When the second layer is dry, sand with grain 150-180, remove sand dust and apply the third layer.  An optional hardener may be added for improved durability. 

    Drying Times:

    Dust free: 20 to 30 minutes Sandable: 2 to 4 hours Chargeable after 24 hours The drying time is strongly depending on the applied quantity, the temperature, air humidity and the ventilation of the room. Through a higher temperature and good ventilation, drying time is limited.

    Applying Quantity:

    10-12 m²/liter per coat OR 107-129 ft²/liter per coat

    After Treatment:

    Use Hard Floor fresh Ciranova for regular maintenance. 

    Product Information:

    12 months in well-closed and original packing. not frost-durable. Pot life with hardener: +/- 3 hours. 

    Special Qualities:

    Use only stainless material. After use, rinse the material directly with water. This product cannot be poured into sewerage. If a stain on the wood is needed, only use Ciranova AQUAPAD + HARDENER. Be aware of discoloration or detachment because of wood com- pounds like resins or tannin.


    *Please Call for Hardener information and pricing.

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