• Hardwaxoil Magic Satin

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    Flooring oil suitable for oil finishing of wooden floors. Good filling properties, natural colour, good chemical and mechanical resistance. Does not shine and is very matt. The durability can be improved by adding the hardener UA 5% (optional).


    Sand the surface with grain 100 – 120 and remove sanding dust. 


    Before use, shake and sturr well. Can be applied by paintbrush, polishing machine, roller or cloth. After applying the oil, the excess has to be wiped off or buffed in with a white pad. 2 coats are recommended for hard wood. For soft wood 3 coats are recommended. For industrial use, please contact us. 


    Can be overcoated after 12 hours. The drying time is strongly depending on the applied quantity, the temperature and the ventilation of the room. With a higher temperature and a good ventilation, drying time is reduced. 


    323-376 sq ft/liter


    Clean regulary with Ciranova flooringsoap. Depending on the use of the floor, use Maintenance Oil 1 time a year. For thorough
    cleaning, use Ciranova Intensive Cleaner.
    *ATTENTION* The hardwaxoil needs +/- 14 days to fully cure. Don’t use any water or maintenance products on the floor during this


    Shelf life: up to 2 year in a well closed original packaging. Warehousing at +41°F – 104°F


    Used cloths or pads should be plunged in water because of the danger of spontaneous combustion.
    We recommend Hardwaxoil Magic Natural as topcoat on the pigmented Hardwaxoils.
    Hardwaxoil Magic Natural and Natural White can be used as a primer to isolate the water borne stain, so it can be overcoated with a lacquer.
    Colored Hardwaxoils should always be tested before treating the entire surface.

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