Hardwax Oils


History of Wood Oils

Prior to the use of polyurethanes or plastic surface seals, oils were the traditional finish of choice for timber flooring. Since the protective properties of linseed oil were discovered in the late 1800s, people have been oiling timber floors and furniture (even cricket bats). To enhance the finish and further increase its durability, beeswax was often applied afterwards but due to its relative softness this gave little protection and did not last.

After the introduction of high solid oils, the next step was to combine oil and wax into one product to make the most of both product attributes.

How Hardwax Oil Works

 Hardwax oil works by fortifying wood fibers, rather than walling them off. Layers of penetrating oilfinish soak into the wood fibers, really getting in there and bonding with the wood.

As the oil cures and hardens in the top layer of wood fibers, it forms an integral part of the timber floor, creating a protective surface. This surface is not only part of the wood floor, but it creates a wear-resistant finish. Natural oils let the timber breathe and move as the environmental conditions change.

Benefits of Using Hardwax Oil

 Hardwax oil finish penetrates deeply into the wood, enhancing the overall look and creating durability from within, while the wax remains on the surface to create a protective layer offering a resistant, lasting and readily reparable finish.

It is extremely water repellent and does not watermark, will not crack, flake, peel or blister, like a traditional polyurethane finish. Also stain-resistant against wine, beer, cola, coffee, tea, fruit juices, and milk, your floor will last a lifetime and will always maintain its genuine natural beauty.

Maintaining Your Finish

Oiled floors do not require re-sanding, just ongoing, regular reapplication to keep floor looking its best. Maintaining the floor through the process of reapplication will retain its essence making it quite easy to maintain.

Looking after floors which have been finished with hard oils and waxes is the same as for any other floor: keep the amount of grit and dirt to a minimum, use dirt trapping mats at all entrances, avoid high heels, consider using rugs in high traffic areas and avoid wetting the floor excessively.