Reactive Stain

Reactive Stain and Hardwax oil

Ciranova with its 80 years of experience have been perfecting the art of hardwood floor finishing from a chemist's point of view.

From a modest size factory in Belgium comes something truly amazing. Hard at work these Belgium’s were not going to settle for an average product to put their name on, they truly have come up with something spectacular! 

So what is a Reactive Stain?

"Ageing stain specially fit for the ageing of wood containing tannin such as oak and pine. Gives a rustic aspect to the wood. Can be treated afterwards with oil, lacquer (spraying) or wax. Available in 16 standard colors"... But how does it work?

Its all about the Tannin

Most species of wood carry Tannin in them; Oak and Pine have among the highest levels. The Tannin in trees helps them grow and protects them against pesticides, you can actually taste Tannin as a dry and puckery feeling in un-ripened fruit or red wine. 

Tannins are linked to the color change in plants and trees, as the chemical compositions change so does the color with the help of Tannin. Pieces of wood will naturally age over time as the chemicals in the wood are released or change, thus changing the color. This natural process can take years and decades to develop rich natural colors but why wait!

Reacting with the Tannin

What Ciranova have developed is a wood stain that reacts with the Tannin in the wood, changing the color naturally. The exclusive range of stains develops rich natural colors much faster than nature can. 

Ciranova Reactive stain lets you can truly create something special, a naturally aged hardwood floor. By mixing and applying different colors the combinations are endless!