CIRANOVA's Hardwaxoil

Hello, I would like to talk I little bit about what goes into CIRANOVA Hardwaxoil. 

CIRANOVA Hardwaxoil Full Solid is hard yet flexible, waterproof and impervious to alcohol and many food acids. As a penetrating oil, it allows wood to continue its aging process and to develop its patina. The wood’s rich natural color is enhanced while the wood is nurtured with Hardwaxoil Full Solid. A floor, a piece of furniture, or any other wood object finished with Hardwaxoil Full Solid will never have to be stripped again. Any sign of wear disappears when a thin “maintenance” coat of oil is rubbed in. The maintenance coats, rather than cause a build-up, actually improve the patina as they protect and preserve the wood. Ultimately, any project finished with our CIRANOVA Hardwaxoil Full Solid becomes more beautiful with time. 

We use the purest raw materials available, reducing the environmental impact and minimizing a finisher’s exposure to toxic fumes and chemicals. CIRANOVA Hardwaxoil Full Solid is both, finisher-friendly and environmentally responsible. 

Microscopic examination of the coat shows a three-dimensional molecular locking of the finish into the wood fibers. One Full Solid coat creates a durable finish that bonds completely to the wood as if it were. However, we always advise to apply a coat of maintenance oil over any pigmented coat of Full Solid, to prevent the wearing off of color in high traffic areas. CIRANOVA Hardwaxoil Full Solid does not deteriorate over time. The molecular locking of the finish into the wood remains stable . The bonding also gives flexibility to the surface, making it capable of withstanding wear and tear. 

CIRANOVA Hardwaxoil Full Solid also contributes to the ease of maintaining an oiled finish. When a piece of wood is routinely treated with CIRANOVA FLOORING SOAP and periodically oiled with CIRANOVA MAINTENANCE OIL, after cleaning with the Intensive cleaner, molecules in the fresh coat bond with those in the existing finish, forming a new, smooth uninterrupted surface. 

Daniel Brooks



November 17, 2014

Hi, on the technical info for this product it says you can overcoat this with your lacquer range. Have you done this and what were the results? How does a lacquer take to a hardwax oil?


Daniel Brooks
Daniel Brooks

April 23, 2014

Hi Jennifer,

You can apply the Full Solid Hardwaxoil by hand but it’s a lot of work. Christopher has a lot of experience with these types of oils and after rubbing them enough you can have them build without the use of a buffer. IT does make it a lot easier than applying it with rags by hand but for rustic material you have more control over how much oil is being applied.

Pine is softer then the oaks and it does make the hand application of the Full Solid oil less time consuming.

Thank you,
Daniel Brooks


April 18, 2014

Hello, I have a question regarding the Hardwax Full Solid.

In the application section it says that it must be applied with a polishing machine, and yet in Christopher Rivards article it said that most of the application was done by hand. Is a polishing machine necessary for the application of this product, or would buffing it in by hand be enough. I’m looking at the possibility of using it on new, unfinished solid pine flooring and am in the homework phase of my research.

Thank you in advance for your answer, I’m sure I’ll have more questions!

Warm Regards,
Jennifer Scott

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